Reflections of an Intern: The Role of Polycore’s Colour Masters in Preserving its Sun Lens Heritage

Earlier this year, Polycore had the privilege of hosting a marketing intern. Darren Tay, a third year undergraduate from NUS Business School joined us for three months. He was responsible for conducting marketing research and kickstarting our social media journey. This article is his take on how Polycore has sustained our expertise in the area of colour mastery over our more than 40 year history.


While searching for an internship opportunity to widen my experience, I chanced upon Polycore. As a sun lens manufacturer, Polycore is in an industry that is very new to me. I took up this internship in hopes of gaining some insight and learning about this unique industry. The most eventful part of my internship was visiting the factory where I got the opportunity to meet one of Polycore’s senior Colour Masters and developed a deeper understanding of the role Colour Masters play in the organization.

Meeting our Colour Master

Nivo is the Plano and Tinting Manager at Polycore and is one our senior Colour Masters. I had the great opportunity of speaking to her and learning more about her experiences at Polycore. In addition, Nivo shared her insights on the entire lens tinting process, a key area of expertise for Polycore.

From our conversation, I concluded that as a colour master, a keen eye for detail is crucial to ensure the consistency of colours on the lenses we produce. While there are tinting formulas for the 3000 active colours in Polycore’s extensive library, a multitude of factors can affect the outcome. As such, colour masters have to rely on their skill and intuition to make adjustments in order to match the colour on the original master lens. The tinting of lenses is therefore both an art and a science.

When probed about how Polycore’s colour masters develop their skillset in tinting lenses, Nivo underscored the importance of practice in building proficiency and competency.

Taking on Creative Challenges Head On

In line with Polycore’s mission to push the boundaries of creativity, our Colour Masters do encounter more challenging projects that test their skills and knowledge. Nivo shared with me about the more complex projects she has worked on.

Her most memorable was an unusual tri-colour sun lens with colours similar to that of the Belgium flag. What impressed me was how Nivo embraced such creative challenges, citing them as a great source of satisfaction particularly when the goal of the project is achieved. It is no surprise then that Polycore has developed more than 200,000 colours.


In short, my visit to the Polycore was an eye-opening one. I learnt about the various processes from lens production to the addition of various coatings to improve the performance of lenses. What struck me most however was the hard work and dedication of fellow Polycore colleagues.

The Colour Masters also play an undeniably important role in preserving the more than 40 year heritage in tinting lenses and enabling Polycore to deliver on our promise of “endless creativity for sun lenses”.

It was indeed an amazing experience witnessing how each individual at the factory plays a role in Polycore’s success and this has left an indelible impression on me as I end my journey as a marketing intern.

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