ENOT: A Century in Holland

Polycore is proud to announce the 100 year anniversary of our subsidiary and partner, ENOT. Founded in 1917, ENOT is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

From Humble Origins

The historical journey of ENOT began when two brothers, Julius and Lorenz Keip, founded the company with only ten employees. ENOT started off producing mineral glass lenses for spectacles. As ENOT progressed, they developed a larger range of optical products, such as binoculars and barometers. They even made their own frames! Despite trying times, ENOT persevered and made steady advancements over the years. From producing mineral glass and toric lenses, ENOT branched into the production of organic lenses and coatings.

A Secret Passed on from Generation to Generation

Today, ENOT is a formidable player in the optical industry and is recognized as a ‘one stop shop’, providing lenses, frames and even assistance from trained consultants. ENOT’s success is arguably a result of tacit knowledge passed on from one generation to the next. Many of its manufacturing processes are a closely guarded secret. The third generation is currently at the helm with the fourth almost ready to take over.

Building Familial Bonds

ENOT’s success is rooted in the familial bonds among its employees who are treated like family. If an individual is confronted with personal issues such as illnesses and financial problems, the management does not hesitate to step in and give a helping hand. This has fostered a strong sense of loyalty and commitment among many of its employees, some of whom have witnessed the handing over of ENOT’s leadership from one generation to the next.

With capable leadership and an organization culture that engenders a positive work environment, ENOT has withstood the test of time – a hundred years – and has deservingly earned a royal warrant of appointment by the Dutch royal family. Polycore congratulates ENOT on this remarkable achievement!

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