Business Insight – 3D Technology for Lenses

There is now 3D-printing available for ophthalmic lenses. A Belgium-based technology company, Luxexcel, has developed a 3D-printer that can produce lenses which are suitable for various treatment processes in the industry, such as coating, edging and framing. The company is receiving $10 million financing from a group of financial and strategic investors. This opens up possibilities for the optical industry in terms of lens design and smart-glass functionalities, which Luxexcel is also keen in developing. The company’s printing platform was launched during the Vision Expo East 2017 in New York and they have already acquired certification for producing ophthalmic-quality lenses.

Polycore's Business Insight series is our take on interesting developments in the industry that we think is worth sharing. Companies mentioned here may not be affiliated to Polycore and its subsidiaries.

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