Trendspotter Series - Three Trends to Get You Thrilled in 2017

Big & Bold

The oversized sunglasses trend has been around for a few seasons and is still here to stay. Appearing in various styles such as rectangular, marble frames or colored frames, oversized sunglasses are more gorgeous than ever. People with smaller faces may not suit this style but others are welcomed to experiment with these jumbo frames. These oversized sunglasses are often seen on fashion runways, mostly featuring Gucci, Michael Kors and Karen Walker. For inspiration on how to wear this style, take cues from fashion icon Nicole Richie.

Sunny on the Outside

Circling around social media, an unexpected color has made its way towards the fashion forefront. Yes, yellow. Sunglasses with yellow lenses, best known to be worn by Bella Hadid, are making a serious comeback. Recent runway shows like Fall/Winter 2017 Prada had featured yellowed lens sunglasses, bringing back a trend from the ‘70s. The sunny, cheeky color is perfect for this summer and packs the punch, appearing mostly in an aviator form.

Dare to Venture

Looking for something stylish? Feeling adventurous? An embellished sunglasses is a great option for you this season. Various styles are available depending on the kind of look you are going for, be it a floral design from Mui Mui or crystals and other decorations for a luxurious look. Considering the popularity of oversized frames, embellishments can be added to create an even bolder fashion statement. It is time to express yourself this season!

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