Our Latest Collection: Gli Occhi

Presented at MIDO 2017, Gli Occhi is Italian for "the eyes". This is a special edition collection created exclusively by Polycore’s designers.

The designers of the collection wanted to pay homage to one of the most beautiful features of the human body - the eyes. These medium tint category 2 lenses (18-43% transmission) allow the eyes to remain visible, while providing protection from harmful UV rays.

The lenses in the collection have been specially chosen to enhance the beauty and allure of the eyes.

Inspired by the four main colours of the eyes, the collection is available in grey, brown, blue and green tinted or polarized lenses.The collection is also available in gold, silver, blue and green “light” (with RV of about 5%) mirror lenses on special request.

To request a sample kit of our latest collection, please send us an email at contact@polycore.com

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