Polycore Concludes a Successful MIDO 2017

Polycore showcased it's new brand identity and latest collections at the 2017 MIDO Eyewear Show.

The new booth design and branding communicates our firm belief in promoting both protection and aesthetics for the sun lenses industry. Over 150 different lenses (tinted and polarized) of various colours, designs and mirror coatings were displayed at our booth. This generated strong interest among eyewear designers, retailers, opticians and budding design students.

Polycore is keen on working closely with designers and facilitating their creative exploration of colours and unique designs on lenses. Our newly launched colour lab will help provide designers with bespoke services in order to create their own exclusive collections.

For more information on our new collections and services, please visit our website at www.polycore.com or leave us a message at contact@polycore.com

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