New Brand Identity for Polycore

Polycore embarked on a year long journey in 2016 to refresh our brand identity. We began to share our new logo, brand platform and corporate visuals internally and to our current customers since November 2016.

From today, Polycore will communicate to our valued current and future partners through this new brand identity.

Our new identity captures our strengths in both ophthalmic and sun lenses. We strongly believe that there should not be a compromise between aesthetics and functionality for sun lenses. Our high standards of optical quality and visual acuity stems from our expertise producing ophthalmic lenses while our creativity comes from 40 years of experience in tinting lenses. We articulate this in our vision: "To inspire endless creativity in the sun lenses industry for protecting eyes and creating new aesthetic possibilities".

Today, we are positioning ourselves as the premier lens tinting expert, offering our partners quality lenses while offering a platform allowing them to exploit the potential of colour creativity.

To find out more about Polycore, please leave us a message at our "Contact Us" page.

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