Polarized Lens

Polarizing lens is the only lens type that actually can reduce glare from an excessively bright point relative to other objects in the visual field, if the bright point is caused by a reflection of light from the sun. Polycore’s SunClear Polarized lens line has the best “Color” of all others on the marketplace.  The richness and true colors such as the Gray, have been reported to be better than leaders in the industry.

Polarized Feature

Polarized Experience

Product Range


Superior visual clarity:

• Glare cut off: 99.5%
• Light transmission: 15% after Rx
• Near zero haze value
• Scores > 80 on the NBS optical resolution
  test chart

Colour range:

• Standard colours: Grey, brown, green
• Available in customizable colours and
  Performance Tints series
• Grey @ 40% transmission for DIY tint
• Colour remains consistent throughout
  the entire lens

Lenses designed to accommodate big or wrap-around frames:

• Plano decentered base 8, 80mm
• Semi finished single vision base 8, 75mm
• Semi finished PAL base 7, 75mm

Maximum protection:

• All our Polarized lenses ensure 100% UV 400nm cut
  off, ensuring maximum protection against
  the most damaging UV light.
• For extra protection, our Polarized lenses are
  available with blue-blocking/melanin technology
  to shield against high energy visible light
  (380nm - 500nm)

Semi visible markings:

• Easy identification of axis
• For semi finished single vision and PAL 75mm: semi
  visible marking indented to make the effective
  diameter larger to accommodate large frames.
  It also serves as an easy reference during
  lens blocking.

Stringent quality control:

• Our Polarized lenses have been engineered
  to meet and exceed the most rigorous
  delamination testing.
• Colour is checked 100% of the time to ensure
  narrow deviation between manufacturing
  batches and shipments.
• Meets and exceeds impact standards and impact
  resistant regulations (ANSI Z80.1, CFR 801.410)
• Foil position is measured 100% of the time,
  ensuring strict adherence to our specs.

Optional treatments:

• Backside AR coated
• Frontside super hydrophobic coated
• Mirror coated (customized colours available)